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Ask Katherine's Collection: What Kind of Creations will The Fall Bring?


With the shift in the seasons approaching, what kind of creations can we expect to see rolling out this fall?

A change of seasons always brings the excitement of a new line of creations for Katherine's Collection. Our experienced team has dedicated an abundant amount of time and care into each work of art, committed to producing quality items for the collectors we cherish. Handcrafting each piece gives us the advantage of setting the trends, making sure we deliver unique designs that will add a creative sophistication to any room in your home.

This year, you can expect to see our products boasting intricate patterns in classic autumn colors like deep reds and rich golds. Our creations cultivate the natural changes happening outdoors by incorporating elements you would find just outside your window. We're constructing everything from radiant wreaths, to attractive pumpkin embellishments, to grand centerpieces. We've developed heightening branch and foliage assortments to add style to any table or counter top, and we aim to bring joy to intimate gatherings, extravagant parties, or comfortable nights in with our hanging ornaments and wine bottle accessories. Harvest-inspired table linens and ribbons were also developed to adorn your home for any awaited occasion.

Creating exceptional pieces for holiday decorating is one of our most devoted passions. From brainstorming fresh accessory designs to collaborating on the details of each lively doll, we strive to create pieces that our customers will love as much as we do.

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