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​Meet Donna, Pattern Maker for Katherine’s Collection


A pattern maker for thirty years, Donna’s love for high end fashion and design is seen in everything she does. One look at her work space and you will see her love of books, “I’m obsessed with buying every designer book and fashion magazine. I look to ornate, beautiful garments and am inspired by W Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue.”

Passionate about the work she does and the items she sews, Donna is able to sew a garment just by looking at a picture. She comments on the ever-changing scope of working with Katherine’s Collection, and that she has never produced the same garment twice, “I never get bored. Every item changes and nothing uses the same pattern.”

Donna is encouraged by the collaborative process and the final pieces that utilize everyone’s talents. Commenting on the uniqueness of each piece, “We go beyond Christmas dolls. The amount of work and time dedicated to every single item we create is inspiring. We do not cut costs anywhere and use only the best resin, fabrics and accessories.The attention to detail is unrivaled.”

Her favorite garments to sew are for the Elizabethan and for Halloween, “Elizabethan because I love making beautiful clothes and Halloween because I love finding inspiration watching films like Mad Max.”

Dedicated to the detail that hand-crafted pieces require, she gains satisfaction from the scope and level of intensity of her craft. “We have changed a Santa coat for this season three times. The challenge of creating something that is better each and every time you make corrections is incredible. These are more sentimental than a gift you can find anywhere else. An item from Katherine’s Collection does not go in the attic.”