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​Meet Theresa, painter and designer for Katherine’s Collection


A true artist in every sense, Theresa finds inspiration for her work in the everyday moments all around her and says, “Anything can inspire you. Sometimes it’s the smile on a child’s face, or a sparkle in someone’s eyes.”

A designer and painter for Katherine’s Collection for over two years, Theresa is currently working ahead into the Christmas season designing table runners and tree skirts and describes the Christmas showrooms as magical.

“You truly cannot find pieces like the ones we create anywhere else. There is nothing like a piece from Katherine’s Collection. Nothing comes close to what we do. One look at our Christmas collection and you are transformed and taken back to pure beauty, the way Christmas is for a small child--perfect and pure,” says Theresa.

Depending on the season, Theresa hand paints all sculptures, faces, and stockings, in addition to designing every single detail of the table runners, tree skirts and ornaments produced by Katherine’s Collection.

Focused on the hand-craftsmanship of each and every piece, Theresa states, “Everything we make is touched by all of us. Every artist here has their own unique talents, whether it be design, sewing, painting or sculpting. There is not one person who creates a piece, rather it is a collaborative effort where we all contribute our artistic skills to each item we create.”

Sharing her passion for making something beautiful with a brush stroke, Theresa recalls painting ever since she was little, and says painting has always been a part of her life. “In my eyes, this work is art. There is limited quantity of our pieces. The quality and the detail that goes into each item we create is truly one of a kind.”