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Blog - Meet Our Artists

​Meet Kellie, Designer for Katherine’s Collection


Kellie’s love for her work can be seen in the enthusiasm and dedication she has for her craft. Working as a seamstress, as well as in visual displays and product development, Kellie has been associated with Katherine’s Collection since 1999.

“What I love most is having the chance to be creative every day. Our products are so unique. To work in an industry and for a company that is constantly changing is amazing,” says Kellie.

She remarks on the joy she gets when she walks into a store and sees a piece that she made, “It is so rewarding when you see that final piece on display. Everything is handmade here, the sculptor sculpts each face, painter paints each part, and the illustrator designs the costumes that are sewn by hand--even the bodies of the dolls are handmade.”

While some might use the term attention to detail lightly, that is not the case with a Katherine’s Collection item. Each step in the design process must be approved by the art director before it is passed on to the next artist for their contribution.

“This level of oversight is very intense and specific in the creation of every product. Each piece is personally examined and approved by the art director. This is what makes us a better company, the detail and the perfection that goes into creating a superb product,” says Kellie.

While looking at theme boards for the upcoming collection, Kellie remarks that there is always an overall theme. “The doll is where it starts. We all come together to select the color, the story, every aspect to create the theme that will connect each piece in that collection. This is not random. Each piece is created to fit within the overall story based on the inspiration boards.”

​Meet Theresa, painter and designer for Katherine’s Collection

A true artist in every sense, Theresa finds inspiration for her work in the everyday moments all around her and says, “Anything can inspire you. Sometimes it’s the smile on a child’s face, or a sparkle in someone’s eyes.”A designer and painter for Katherine’s Collection for over two years, Theresa is currently working ahead into [...]

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​Meet Donna, Pattern Maker for Katherine’s Collection

A pattern maker for thirty years, Donna’s love for high end fashion and design is seen in everything she does. One look at her work space and you will see her love of books, “I’m obsessed with buying every designer book and fashion magazine. I look to ornate, beautiful garments and am inspired by W [...]

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