It’s Always Christmas in the Quarter with Santa’s Quarters Holiday Shop

For over forty years, Santa's Quarters has provided exceptional year-round Christmas and holiday decor to the diverse crowd of the French Quarter.

As the owner and sole buyer for the shop, David knows the importance of hitting both tradition and originality for his customers, making sure to stock classic reds, greens, and jolly Santas, as well as themed or whimsical gifts like Katherine’s Kissing Fish.

David tells us, “We carry the most unique, special items that we can find, and that’s precisely why we carry a large amount of Katherine’s. In a specialty gift shop such as Santa’s Quarters, quality and uniqueness are a requirement.”

After many years in the business, David offers his advice for retailers who are thinking about carrying the Katherine’s brand. “Katherine’s pieces sell themselves. When buying a design, go all the way and buy all of the accompanying pieces that go with a particular theme. Almost every year, my largest display window has featured a complete Katherine’s Christmas theme with all the trimmings, and there’s no doubt it brings in a lot of passers-by.”

Behind the scenes of the daily shop duties, David is like many of our other retailers who look forward to visiting the Katherine’s showroom to choose his designs, where abundant inspiration and knowledgeable representatives ensure your experience is valuable and enjoyable.

Check out the Santa’s Quarters Facebook page for shop information, and be sure to stop by the French Quarter’s sole year-round Christmas retailer when you’re in town!

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